How Your Application is Evaluated

Admission applications are individually assessed, taking into account the following aspects:

  • Relevance of the candidate’s curriculum to the chosen program.
  • Adequate proficiency in the language of instruction for the chosen program.
  • Sufficient preparation of the candidate.
  • Possession of the required qualifications for enrollment in the chosen program.

In order to assess these aspects, program coordinators may, at their sole discretion, summon the candidate to undergo written admission tests (online tests) and/or oral interviews (online calls).

In most cases, the evaluation will be completed without the candidate being summoned to pass any admission tests.

If necessary, you will be directly notified by the admission committee via email. Any such invitations, with more detailed information about the test procedures, will be communicated to the candidates with a minimum of seven days’ notice. In order to facilitate access to the exams for candidates residing in different geographical areas, the committee may, at its discretion, take into account the time zone and any constraints the candidate may have that prevent their participation.

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